Smart Cup, making your life a little easier 

Easy to use and configurable as you like, the connected Smart Cup makes your life easier by indicating the volume of water consumed and temperature of your drink.

Buy a Smart Cup now: 49€

Smart Cup, for taking a break

Order the Linkoo Smart Cup and use it throughout the day

Buy a Smart Cup now: 49€

A smart OLED screen

Display the volume of water consumed and temperature of your drink directly on the OLED screen located on the cup handle.

Do you drink enough water?

You lose two litres of body fluid each day!
Our Smart Cup enables you to monitor your consumption, helping you to reach your goals.

To improve your health, the cup can be taken with you to the office, or used at home.

Enjoy your drink at the right temperature

No more boiling hot coffee or lukewarm tea! Consume your drink at the perfect temperature thanks to the temperature display on the OLED screen. The Linkoo Smart Cup mug has a 350ml capacity.


Free Linkoo app available for download

Enjoy the various functionalities of the cup for free via Bluetooth, using the Linkoo Smart Cup mobile app. Our app is compatible with Android 4.3 and Apple iOS 7.0. Order your Smart Cup mug on our Linkoo site, and then download the Linkoo mobile app for free, giving you access to all of the product’s services.

Smart Cup: a connected cup for optimal hydration

Buy a Smart Cup now: 49€